Published On: May 3rd 2018 News

Over the past years, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has successfully installed more than 400 free Wi-Fi connections around Malta and Gozo.

Published On: Apr 19th 2018 Broadband Internet

A brief overview of findings for a perception survey carried out in the period November to December 2017.

Published On: Apr 11th 2018 Monthly Pricing Developments

The MCA is committed to monitor developments in electronic communications...

Published On: Apr 10th 2018 News

A new survey commissioned by the Malta Communications Authority and conducted by EMCS in the second half of 2017 shows a continued rise in the adoption of fixed broadband in Maltese homes. From the 903 respondents to the survey, 94% confirm that a fixed broadband connection is accessible from their residence, up from 77% reported in 2015.

Published On: Apr 10th 2018 News

The postal market is constantly evolving, during recent years eCommerce has been instrumental in boosting the postal market and generating modernisation.  In order to facilitate this increased demand on the sector operators have been responding by providing add-on services. As per latest study by ParcelHero, an eC...

Published On: Mar 26th 2018 News

During the last year, the Ministry for Home Affairs and National Security (MHAS) worked hand in hand with emergency stakeholders, communication service providers and the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) to set-up a new 112 system, which was launched on the 23rd March 2018.