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Press Release: Initiatives to promote legitimate TV streaming in public places.
Published On: Aug 10th 2018

Initiatives to promote legitimate TV streaming in public places. Local restaurants, hotels, bars and other catering establishments are encouraged to protect their brand and reputation by ensuring that they only publicly broadcast content from legal sources.
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Industry News

MCA publishes service providers' price comparisons for July 2018
Published On: Aug 16th 2018

All relevant information including a cross-comparison of between entry-level products offered by the main operators in Malta for July is now available.
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We have a drawn together a list of FAQ’s by subject to assist you in answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the services we regulate.

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Encountering issues related to the services regulated by us? Service provider has been contacted but the issue persists? You can lodge a complaint with the MCA by completing MCA’s complaint form.

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Enquire on any of the services regulated by the MCA related to consumer matters, by contacting the Consumer Protection team or by completing the Consumer’s enquiry form. If you would rather you can call the MCA’s offices on 21336840.

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