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MCA’s reaction to media reports claiming that Malta lags on Internet speeds
Published On: Jul 6th 2019

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA), welcomes reports and discussions concerning the state of the Internet in Malta as an opportunity to better inform the public on the facts concerning these services. The MCA recognises that various ranking studies are regularly conducted by entities seeking either commercial ...
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Industry News

Radio Spectrum Policy Programme 2019 – 2023
Published On: Jul 8th 2019

Radio spectrum is a valuable resource. Its effective and efficient management leads to the availability of resilient electronic communications networks and services. Key economic sectors including aviation, maritime, as well as the public administration and the private sector depend on the effective management of s...
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We have a drawn together a list of FAQ’s by subject to assist you in answering some of the most commonly asked questions about the services we regulate.

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Encountering issues related to the services regulated by us? Service provider has been contacted but the issue persists? You can lodge a complaint with the MCA by completing MCA’s complaint form.

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Enquire on any of the services regulated by the MCA related to consumer matters, by contacting the Consumer Protection team or by completing the Consumer’s enquiry form. If you would rather you can call the MCA’s offices on 21336840.

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The MCA regularly publishes a range of reports and research papers across the telecoms, postal and technology markets aimed towards industry and interested parties.

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