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The Malta Communications Authority (hereafter ‘MCA’) is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the various electronic communications sectors, which include fixed and mobile telephony, Internet and TV distribution services. Furthermore, the MCA regulates two other sectors which are the postal services, as well as the electronic commerce (hereafter ‘eCommerce’) sector. 

If you are encountering any problems with any of the services regulated by the MCA, first you need to lodge a complaint with your service provider. If after having lodged your complaint with the service provider and allowed adequate time for your complaint to be addressed, you are not satisfied with the way in which the service provider has addressed your complaint, we may be able to help you. We may not always have the legal powers to determine whether your complaint is justified and impose a solution, but we can mediate between you and your service provider to assist you in reaching a satisfactory resolution. You may file your complaint with us by completing and submitting the Complaint Form.

The extent of the action that we can take in relation to your complaint depends on the particular characteristics of the complaint and on the MCA’s relevant legal powers. If the complaint involves issues that have a direct regulatory bearing, such as a breach of a regulatory obligation under a law that the MCA is empowered to enforce, then the MCA can intervene. In instances where the MCA cannot intervene, because the matter is not regulated under a law administered by the Authority, the MCA will guide you to the appropriate forum where the matter can be addressed.

You may also contact us should you have any queries related to the services we regulate by submitting the Enquiry Form or send an email on customercare@mca.org.mt.

The MCA is also the designated Digital Services Coordinator (hereafter ‘DSC’) for Malta. As the DSC for Malta, the MCA is empowered to ensure compliance with the Digital Services Act. If you believe that a provider has breached a provision of the DSA, you may then lodge a complaint with the MCA as Malta’s designated DSC. You may file your complaint with us by completing and submitting the complaint form (https://www.mca.org.mt/content/dsa-complaint).