DSA Complaint Handling

The Malta Communications Authority (hereafter ‘MCA’) is the designated Digital Services Coordinator (hereafter ‘DSC’) for Malta. As the DSC for Malta, the MCA is empowered to ensure compliance with the Digital Services Act. Hence references to the MCA in this form refer strictly to the role of the MCA as the DSC for Malta.   

This form should be used to report instances of non-compliance with the Digital Services Act (hereafter ‘DSA’) by a provider of intermediary services (hereafter ‘provider’). Before proceeding, kindly note that:

  • The form is designed exclusively for complaints reporting suspected infringements of the DSA.
  • If your complaint relates to illegal content (for instance, hate speech, unsafe products, or child sexual abuse material) or disputes over a provider's decision (such as content removal or account suspension), then your complaint does not constitute an infringement of the DSA which the MCA can investigate. For such complaints, this form will guide you to alternative actions that you may consider.

Once your complaint has been lodged with the MCA, the initial step involves a vetting process by the MCA to ensure that your complaint is valid and falls within the scope of the DSA. During this review, the MCA may contact you for further information or clarification to better understand the specifics of your complaint and to assess its merit. If your complaint passes this initial vetting process and is deemed to be valid, the MCA will proceed with a formal investigation. 

If the provider is established in another EU member state, the MCA will pass the case to the DSC of the member state concerned. 

For complaints targeting Very Large Online Platforms or Search Engines (VLOPs and VLOSEs), which are subject to more stringent obligations under the DSA, the European Commission may become directly involved. In such cases, the complaint is escalated to the European Commission for its consideration and investigation.

The MCA investigates breaches by providers established in Malta and where necessary, take such action as it may consider appropriate to ensure the provider's compliance with the DSA. Such action could range from demanding corrective measures from the provider to imposing administrative penalties for non-compliance, depending on the nature and severity of the infringement.

Throughout this process, you will be kept informed about the status and outcomes of your complaint. 

What is the nature of your complaint?


Contact Information

For more information or assistance, please contact the MCA on info@mca.org.mt.