Published On: Feb 7th 2018 Annual Plan

The MCA has today published its Annual Plan for 2018. The Annual Plan sets out the priority work-streams and related individual tasks that the MCA intends to carry out during 2018. The Annual Plan is reflective of the MCA's Strategy Update covering the period 2018 - 2020.

Published On: Feb 6th 2018 News

Charges applied by postal operators / couriers to their customers to handle clearance of goods received from non-EU countries vary considerably from one operator to another.

Published On: Jan 26th 2018 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing its decision notice on the Review of GO plc application of the USO funding claim for the year 2014.

Published On: Nov 2nd 2017 Business Perception

The MCA has been carrying out the Business Perception Surveys on a two-yearly interval since 2008.

Published On: Oct 26th 2017 End User Half Yearly Report

The MCA has published its report on the complaints and enquiries received during the first six months of 2017.

Published On: Sep 29th 2017 Consultation

The MCA, through this consultation, is proposing a number of amendments to subsidiary legislation regulating the installation / use of radiocommunications apparatus.