The Digital Juncture

The Digital Juncture

Date: 10th November 2022

Time: 09:00 – 14:30

List of speakers

The Malta Communications Authority has more than two decades’ experience in the regulation of electronic communications services - a regulatory regime which has been subject to numerous updates over the years, to keep up with emerging trends and challenges.  The conference will explore to what extent these rules delivered benefits to end-users and any lessons to be learnt.  The results of a 2022 study on end-users’ quality of experience in the use of electronic communications services in Malta, will be presented.

The conference will discuss emerging digital challenges, more than twenty years after the adoption of the eCommerce Directive, the main legal cornerstone regulating online services.   Online platforms have created significant benefits for end-users, facilitating cross-border trading within and outside the Union and opening new avenues for growth and innovation. At the same time, they pose risks for users, and can be abused for disseminating illegal content and the selling of illegal goods or services online, with certain large players dominating online trade and content space.

Over the past few years, the EU has been spearheading regulatory initiatives aimed at addressing these and other risks in the digital world. Effective implementation of new rules will require concerted efforts, collaboration and coordination amongst stakeholders including various competent authorities at national level.

The conference will ponder on the complexities of digital regulation by looking back at the lessons learned from regulating more traditional sectors, the role that social partners can play in supporting European and national bodies for effective enforcement, as well as how best to ensure coordination and dialogue to achieve positive policy and regulatory outcomes.


09:00                     Opening and welcome address by Jesmond Bugeja, Chief Executive Officer (Malta Communications                                  Authority)

09:10                     Introduction: End user protection in electronic communications and the digital world

                               - Veronica Bocarova, Head of Regulatory Training (Cullen International)

09:30                     A study on end users` quality of service experience in electronic communications

                               - Lawrence Zammit, Founding Partner and Director (MISCO)

09:55                     Keynote speech by Hon. Silvio Schembri, Minister for the Economy, EU Funds and Lands

10:05                     Reflections on emerging challenges for consumers of electronic communications and digital                                             services

                               - Claudio Teixeira, Legal Officer (BEUC - The European Consumer Association)

10:25                     About Digital Services: Overview of eCommerce, P2B and DSA regulations

                               - Bernard Agius, Manager, Digital Services (Malta Communications Authority)

                               - Denise Borda, Senior eCommerce Analyst (Malta Communications Authority)

10:45                     Coffee Break

11:10                     Panel Discussion

                               eCommerce State of Play: 20 years of regulation

                               - Joseph Farrugia, Director General (Malta Employers Association)

                               - Marco Miozzi, Senior Legal Counsel (Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner)

                               - Marcel Mizzi, Vice-President (The Malta Chamber of SMEs)

                               - Odette Vella, Director (Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority)

                               Moderator: Bernard Agius, Manager, Digital Services (Malta Communications Authority)

11:45                     Fireside Chat

                               The myHealth Portal: A case study on web accessibility in the public service

                               - Janson Chetcuti, Senior Systems Analyst (Ministry for Health Project Management Office)

                               - Robert Spiteri Staines, Consultant Health Programme (Malta Information and Technology Agency)

                               Moderator: Marcelle Attard, Project Coordinator (Malta Communications Authority)

12:00                    Advancing trust services: Exploring the opportunities of the eIDAS Regulation

                              - Olivier Delos, Senior eSecurity & eSolutions Consultant (SEALED)

12:15                    Panel Discussion

                              Vision 2030: Regulating for sustainable growth

                              - Kenneth Brincat, Chief Executive (Malta Digital Innovation Authority)

                              - Luciano Brincat, Fintech Supervision Deputy Head (Malta Financial Services Authority)

                              - Olivier Delos, Senior eSecurity & eSolutions Consultant (SEALED)

                              - Marthese Portelli, Chief Executive Officer (Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry)

                              Moderator: Joseph Seychell, Senior Manager, ICT & Technologies (Malta Communications Authority)

12:50                    Interview with MEP Alex Agius Saliba on the new EU digital regulations

                              Moderator: Clare Agius, TV Producer and Presenter

13:10                    Closing

13:15                    Lunch

Revisit the key take aways and watch the video of the event here.

All presentations delivered at the event may be downloaded from the links below: