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The Single European Emergency Number

This is the main emergency number in Malta, as in all EU countries, and one can call from any phone, fixed and public pay phone, free of charge, to get immediate help from local police, ambulance or fire brigade services. You may also send an SMS to 79770112. Local SMS charges apply. Click here for more information about '112'

The Service Provider Check Number

If you would like to check whether a particular telephony number is registered on the same network as yours, call or send an SMS to '180' (free service) with the number you wish to check. As a result of the right to number portability, one cannot assume that numbers starting with a particular number sequence are registered to a particular service provider.

Online Phone Directories

If you would like to search for the contact information of a particular person or business, may wish to access the following online phone directories:

1. GO
2. Melita

EMF Results 

The MCA performs regular audits on the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) to ensure that emissions do not exceed the guidelines for public maximum exposure set by the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection). You can find EMF test results by locality in the following link: EMF Results

The Single Digital Gateway

Information, help and advice on EU rights for EU nationals and businesses.


Post Code Finders: MaltaPost

Follow this link if you would like to find the postcode for any Maltese address: MaltaPost Post Code Finder


Telecosts Price Comparison Portal

The following link provides the tools to assist you in selecting the most suitable tariff plan for your electronic communications needs in Malta. This website allows you to compare the prices of the various services from the different providers, based on the way you use these services.