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Guides to Communication Service

Over the past years, consumers have experienced considerable and consistent improvements in the range, scope and cost of communications services available on the market.
These developments are having a lasting social impact and have effectively given rise to an increased dependence on modern, high-end communication services. It is in this context that we remain committed to provide you with the information and assistance you may require in choosing the services that are most suited to your particular needs. In this section, you will find sector-specific guides for all communication services, namely fixed and mobile telephony, internet, television, postal services and eCommerce. 
Given the growing popularity of shopping online, we have also prepared similar guides with the intention of assisting online shoppers in their decision-making process and  ensuring that their online purchasing experience is a safe and secure one.
You may wish to check out our Consumer Tips section which includes our recommendations before selecting a service provider and/or taking up an offer.