Standard and Itemised Billing

At present, the majority of service providers offer their post-paid subscribers e-billing services, that is, the facility to access their bills electronically, through the Internet. Whilst the MCA appreciates that e-billing is beneficial from a cost and an environmental perspective, it is also aware that a number of subscribers may not have access to the Internet. In these cases, such subscribers are being charged a small fee to receive their bills in hard copy format. 

The MCA has published a consultative document in order to seek the public’s views on a number of measures it is proposing in this regard. One measure in particular proposes that post-paid subscribers who do not have access to the internet, are provided the possibility to receive their bills in hard copy format, free of charge.

‘The consultative process was concluded on the 23rd of October 2015.  The MCA received submissions from the Consumer Association, GO plc, Melita plc, Vodafone Malta and from three individual end-users.  The Authority would like to thank all those who contributed to this consultation with their submissions.  The MCA will be reviewing the responses received and will be publishing a final decision in due course.’

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Electronic Communications

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Friday, October 23, 2015

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