National Legislation on MCA
Malta Communications Authority Act (Chapter 418 Laws of Malta) - English Version / Maltese Version

Administrative Review Tribunal
Administrative Justice Act - English Version / Maltese Version

National Legislation on Electronic Communications
Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act (Chapter 399 Laws of Malta) - English Version / Maltese Version
Electronic Communications Networks and Services (General) Regulations (Chapter 399.28 Laws of Malta) - English VersionMaltese Version
Roaming on Public Mobile Network Regulations - English Version / Maltese Version
Utilities and Services (Regulation of Certain Works) Act - English Version / Maltese Version
Rights of Way for Utilities and Services (Fees) Regualtions - English Version / Maltese Version
General Authorisations (Radiocommunications Apparatus) Regulations - English Version / Maltese Version
Regolamenti dwar is-Servizz Uniku Ewropew ta’ Telefonati ta’ Emerġenza (numru ‘112’) u s-Servizzi Armonizzati Ewropej b’Valur Soċjali (medda ta’ numri ‘116’) - English Version / Maltese Version
Authorisation of Frequency Use (Provision of 2GHz Mobile Satellite Services) Regulations - English Version / Maltese Version 

National Legislation on Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce Act (Chapter 426 Laws of Malta) - English Version / Maltese Version

Subsidiary Legislation 426.03 Electronic Commerce (General) Regulations: English Version / Maltese Version 

National Legislation on Postal Services

Postal Services Act - English Version / Maltese Version
Postal Services (General) Regulations - English Version / Maltese Version
Transfer of Property to Maltapost plc Order- English Version / Maltese Version

EU Legislation
E-Commerce Directive of 2000
Regulation (EU) No 910/2014 on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC
EU Regulation 2015 2120 on roaming & net netruality
EU regulation on roaming 2012
Regulation 910 of 2014

EU Postal Services
Postal Services Legislation

EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications
Framework Directive (as amended in 2009)
Universal Service Directive
Authorisation Directive 
Access Directive 
Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications
DIRECTIVE 2014/61/EU 2014 on measures to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks

Old MCA Legislation

Subsidiary Legislation 399.43 - Single European Emergency Call Service ('112' Number) and the European Harmonised Services of Social Value ('116' Numbering Range) Regulations 

Subsidiary Legislation 399.40 - General Authorisations (Radiocommunications Apparatus) Legislation

Former Subsidiary Legislation 399.28 on Electronic Communications Networks and Services (General)