Published On: Sep 7th 2006 Individuals Internet and Ecommerce Usage Study

The MCA carried out its first research project related to eCommerce individual usage in the Maltese Islands with the aim of assessing the extent to which the public at large is making use of the internet and eCommerce.

Published On: Aug 16th 2006 Decision

This decision sets out the MCA’s conclusion for identifying a market and making a market power determination.  As required by Article 7 of the Framework Directive (as implemented by  Article  4  of the Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act), the MCA’s proposals have been notified to the European Commi...

Published On: Jul 25th 2006 Consultation

The market review report presents the market definition and analysis of the wholesale broadband access market, and outlines the proposed remedies to be imposed on identfied SMP operators.  ...

Published On: Jul 24th 2006 Market Review

This report provides a general overview of the industry's performance during the six months ending 31 March 2006, including an analysis of the main trends and developments in the various sectors of the Maltese electronic communications market.  ...

Published On: Jun 16th 2006 Decision

This document provides the response submitted by the European Commission on the results of the market review for the Retail national fixed call servcies provided over fixed networks. ...

Published On: Jun 12th 2006 Decision

The obligations relating to mail integrity aim at minimising the exposure of postal articles to the risk of loss, theft, damage and/or interference, as well as minimising the risk of offences as outlined in the Postal Services Act.