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Published On: Dec 30th 2009 Consultation

The Consultation period will run until Friday 12th February 2010  The purpose of this document is to: • give an overview of the responses submitted to the MCA; • propose for further consultation a change to the March 2005 Decision Notice; • give an overview of the revised charges that would apply consequent to...

Published On: Dec 14th 2009 Strategic Plan

This update validates the strategic direction set out in preceding years and incorporates any new developments within the sectors that the MCA regulates, in light of their impact on the Maltese regulatory environment for the years 2010 - 2012.

Published On: Dec 14th 2009 Consultation

This review defines the market(s) for wholesale call termination on individual public telephone networks provided at a fixed location in Malta, conducts an analysis of the identified market(s), and sets out the reasoning on the MCA's regulatory appro  The consultation period shall run until the 15th of February 20...

Published On: Dec 1st 2009 Decision

Through this Decision Notice the MCA is introducing a set of minimum standards setting out the duties and obligations of licensed postal operators relating to managing common operational issues in a multi-operator environment.

Published On: Nov 30th 2009 Consultation

This consultation [1] and proposed decision [2] provides an overview of the MCA's proposed short to medium term Interconnection Strategy aimed at addressing the current level of wholesale interconnection charges.  The consultation document also makes reference to the recent Recommendation on the Regulatory Treatme...

Published On: Nov 16th 2009 Decision

This decision [1] follows the market analysis of the Wholesale voice call termination on individual mobile networks. [1] ...