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Published On: Jun 12th 2006 Decision

The obligations relating to mail integrity aim at minimising the exposure of postal articles to the risk of loss, theft, damage and/or interference, as well as minimising the risk of offences as outlined in the Postal Services Act.

Published On: Jun 11th 2006 Decision

This Directive establishes the procedure that the USP must follow when effecting changes in relation to the days and, or times of opening of any post office or changes to the days of delivery and, or of collection of postal article.

Published On: Jun 2nd 2006 Decision

Report on Consultation and Decision - June 2009.

Published On: Apr 12th 2006 Annual Plan

The document represents the MCA's Annual Plan for 2006. It sets out the overall approach to regulation, the business priorities and work programme for 2006, and how the MCA’s effectiveness will be measured and evaluated.

Published On: Mar 24th 2006 Decision

This document specifies charging for numbering portability.

Published On: Feb 21st 2006 Consultation

The European Commission believes that consumers continue to pay unreasonably high prices for using their mobile phone abroad.  This is reducing cross-border use of mobile phones and presents an obstacle to the European market for electronic communications, so the Commission has started work on an EU regulation on ...