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Published On: May 5th 2004 Decision

Report on Consultation and Decision - May 2004.

Published On: Apr 1st 2004 Decision

In July 2002 the Malta Communications Authority (“MCA”) published its Report on Consultation and Decision regarding the implementation by DMP operators of cost-based accounting systems within their operating environments.

Published On: Jan 8th 2004 Market Review

This paper consists of an overview of the telecommunications market in terms of regulatory developments, market statistics, tariff comparisons and other market developments for the given period.  ...

Published On: Dec 30th 2003 Guidelines

This document captures the MCA's final position following consultation in February 2003 on the administrative procedures to be followed when introducing new tariffs for telecommunications services.

Published On: Oct 8th 2003 Consultation

The objective of this consultative paper is to seek the views of operators and interested parties regarding the planned introduction of Number Portability in Malta.  ...

Published On: Oct 3rd 2003 Strategic Plan

This is an update to the document that was issued in July 2002 which outlines the MCA's strategic direction for the forthcoming years and is the basis for the Authority's regulatory activities.