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Published On: Oct 23rd 2023 Recruitment

*Prime focus of position* - Performs tasks related to EU/international issues falling within the MCA’s sphere of activity. - Carries out research and analysis on EU/international developments. - Coordinates on behalf of the Authority with external entities including international organisations, ministries and ot...

Published On: Oct 17th 2023 Decision

The MCA has published a decision notice on the review of GO plc‘s application for funding of the net costs claimed to have been incurred during 2018 for the provision of universal service obligations in the electronic communications sector.

Published On: Oct 11th 2023 News

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Oct 6th 2023 Broadcasting Services

The MCA is publishing the findings of a survey designed to assess how consumers perceive pay-TV services in Malta. This survey, which was carried out between March and May 2023, provides insights from the consumer's perspective.