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Published On: Aug 28th 2002 Consultation

A well-defined Carrier Selection scheme is a key enabler for effective competition in a liberalised telecoms environment. The objectives of this paper is to seek the views of operators and interested parties on the introduction of such a scheme.  ...

Published On: Aug 21st 2002 Consultation

In this document, the MCA seeks to consult about an ISP interconnection methodology  ...

Published On: Jul 25th 2002 Strategic Plan

This document outlines the MCA's strategic direction for the forthcoming years and is the basis for the Authority's regulatory activities.

Published On: Jul 10th 2002 News

Consultative communication on Internet Telephony  On 10 January 1998, the Commission published a notice(1) setting out the status of voice on the Internet under Directive 90/388/EEC(2) concerning competition on the markets for telecommunications services, as amended. This Directive defines voice telephony. Accordi...

Published On: Jul 2nd 2002 Decision

The MCA directs telecommunications operators to implement Cost Based Accounting Systems.

Published On: Jun 28th 2002 Guidelines

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is a non-profit organisation dedicated to research in the EMF field. The ICNIRP is the leading authority on EMF health issues: the ICNIRP website [1]defines it as "a body of independent scientific experts consisting of a main Commission of 14 member...