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Published On: Sep 18th 2002 Consultation

The MCA has published a consultative document on a National Internet Exchange.  The Telecommunications (Regulation) Act (Cap. 399) through Legal Notice 263 of 2000, Malta Internet Exchange Regulations stipulates the responsibilities of the ISPs, the Telecommunications Transport Providers (TTPs) and the Exchange w...

Published On: Aug 28th 2002 Consultation

A well-defined Carrier Selection scheme is a key enabler for effective competition in a liberalised telecoms environment. The objectives of this paper is to seek the views of operators and interested parties on the introduction of such a scheme.  ...

Published On: Aug 21st 2002 Consultation

In this document, the MCA seeks to consult about an ISP interconnection methodology  ...

Published On: Jul 25th 2002 Strategic Plan

This document outlines the MCA's strategic direction for the forthcoming years and is the basis for the Authority's regulatory activities.

Published On: Jul 10th 2002 News

Consultative communication on Internet Telephony  On 10 January 1998, the Commission published a notice(1) setting out the status of voice on the Internet under Directive 90/388/EEC(2) concerning competition on the markets for telecommunications services, as amended. This Directive defines voice telephony. Accordi...

Published On: Jul 2nd 2002 Decision

The MCA directs telecommunications operators to implement Cost Based Accounting Systems.