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Published On: Apr 23rd 2009 Market Review

The MCA is hereby publishing the Communications Market Review for the period July to December 2008.

Published On: Apr 7th 2009 Consultation

The MCA has today published a notice for consultation regarding the 3400 - 3800MHz band.

Published On: Apr 3rd 2009 News

This document specifies those aspects of the freephone number portability ordering process that either involve exchanges between operators or involve actions by one operator that affect other operators or the freephone content provider.

Published On: Apr 3rd 2009 Annual Plan

The document represents the MCA's Annual Plan for 2009. It sets out the overall approach to regulation, the business priorities and work programme for 2009, and how the MCA’s effectiveness will be measured and evaluated.

Published On: Mar 25th 2009 Decision

The MCA is hereby presenting its decision on the markets for retail public telephone services provided at a fixed location (the retail calls markets), in accordance with the EU regulatory framework of electronic communications networks and services.

Published On: Mar 6th 2009 Decision

The aim of this proposed decision is to update the 2002 Decision on Accounting Separation, and where appropriate propose amendments based on the experience gained by the MCA from subsequent interactions with SMP operators in this field. Consultation closes at 12.00 pm on Friday 10th April 2009. ...