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Published On: Apr 15th 2010 Decision

Following a comprehensive analysis of the current universal service regime, and the outcome derived from a consultation published in May 2009, this decision re-establishes the individual universal service obligations and their respective designations

Published On: Mar 26th 2010 Consultation

The MCA has received various requests with regards to wholesale access to data for the provision of publicly available directory enquire services and /or directory services.  The MCA is issuing this consultation paper to outline the proposed regulatory provisions in this regard. Deadline for submission of replies...

Published On: Mar 25th 2010 Guidelines

These guidelines have been drawn up to provide MCA with a set procedure related to the timelines and sanctions concerning the quarterly statistical data collection.

Published On: Feb 2nd 2010 Decision

This decision specifies processes and timeframes for applications of new numbering resources and for applications of number blocks in ranges previously allocated to the same applicant. It also lists the general responsibilities for all the parties. ...

Published On: Jan 18th 2010 Decision

This decision provides the findings of the market analysis together with the responses to consultation on the wholesale fixed call origination servcies market. ...

Published On: Jan 14th 2010 Annual Plan

This document focuses on the work-streams and related individual tasks that the MCA intends to undertake during 2010, and how the MCA’s effectiveness will be measured and evaluated.