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Published On: Aug 28th 2008 Consultation

Consultation closes on Friday, 12th September 2008.  View consultation document [1] [1] ...

Published On: Aug 26th 2008 News

The MCA is consulting on draft regulations that it intends to propose to the Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communications for adoption.  ...

Published On: Aug 26th 2008 News

Electronic Communications (Regulations) Act (Cap 399). This is not an official version of the Laws of Malta and is only provided for reference during the Consultation period.  ...

Published On: Aug 14th 2008 Decision

This decision follows a further consultation on the estimation of WACC which was published in April 2008 and focused specifically on a proposed range of Beta values to be used in the estimation of the cost of capital ...

Published On: Aug 7th 2008 Decision

This Decision is limited to freephone services in the '800' numbering range.

Published On: Jul 23rd 2008 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has published a decision on its pricing review of international leased lines. With this decision the MCA is concluding the review and consultation process on GO's leased lines prices which was conducted throughout 2007 and the first half of 2008.