Published On: Aug 4th 2020 Data Report Sheet

The MCA is hereby updating its series of Data Report Sheet ('DRS') publications with a report covering the period Q1 2016 to Q1 2020.

Published On: Jul 21st 2020 News

The European Commission has published notices to stakeholders regarding withdrawal of the United Kingdom and related EU rules which can be accessed from the following link: [...

Published On: Jul 15th 2020 News

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Jun 30th 2020 News

The MCA is hereby publishing its annual report on the implementation of aspects related to the Open Internet, commonly referred as Net Neutrality of Regulation 2015/2020

Published On: Jun 24th 2020 MCA Overviews


Published On: Jun 16th 2020 Fixed Telephony

The MCA is hereby publishing the results of a survey it carried out in the third quarter of 2019, in order to gauge consumer perceptions and satisfaction levels with regard to fixed telephony services provided in Malta