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Published On: Nov 28th 2023 News

Some news Highlights from the Global Telecommunications and Postal Industries, as well as topical items and trends in Information and Communications Technology.

Published On: Nov 22nd 2023 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority is publishing its decision on the source of funding for the net cost incurred by GO plc for the provision of universal service obligations in the electronic communications sector during 2018.

Published On: Nov 17th 2023 News

The purpose of this notice is to inform persons dealing in maritime radiocommunications apparatus and owners of vessels, who have an interest to import or use a combined personal locator beacon and automatic identification system ('PLB-AIS').  A PLB-AIS device is intended to be used in the maritime environment for...

Published On: Nov 15th 2023 News

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Nov 7th 2023 Annual Report

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is pleased to announce the publication of its Annual Report & Financial Statements 2022, showcasing a year of accomplishments, innovation, and sustained growth in the telecommunications, postal, and eCommerce sectors.

Published On: Nov 7th 2023 EMF Reports

The MCA has published the predefined EMF Audit Report for Q3 2023. Such a report provides a comprehensive overview of our findings and analysis related to electromagnetic fields (EMF) audits in Malta and Gozo.