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Published On: Nov 8th 2008 Decision

This document [1] is a response to the consultation that was issued earlier this year. It also outlines the MCA's preliminary position vis-a-vis the future of this band in Malta.  *Update 6/8/2014: This position paper is superseded by the decision 'Assignment Process for Additional Spectrum for Wireless Broadband...

Published On: Oct 10th 2008 Consultation

The MCA is consulting on guidelines with regard to the proposed procedure which it intends to implement for the investigation and resolution of inter-operator disputes, complaints and own initiative investigations.  Responses are to reach the MCA by the 31st October 2008.  View draft guidelines document [1] [1]...

Published On: Oct 6th 2008 Decision

Identification and Analysis of markets, determination of market power and setting of SMP conditions. ...

Published On: Sep 29th 2008 Market Review

The MCA is hereby publishing the Communications Market Review for the period January to June 2008.

Published On: Sep 10th 2008 Decision

This decision notice covers accessibility, daily delivery and provision of information.

Published On: Sep 9th 2008 Consultation

The amendments relate primarily to the use of a postal identifier, business reply and freepost services and a revision of the current authorisation fees paid by operators who provide postal services outside the scope of the universal services.  Consultation closes on 30th September 2008.  View consultation docum...