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Published On: Jul 25th 2002 Strategic Plan

This document outlines the MCA's strategic direction for the forthcoming years and is the basis for the Authority's regulatory activities.

Published On: Jul 10th 2002 News

Consultative communication on Internet Telephony  On 10 January 1998, the Commission published a notice(1) setting out the status of voice on the Internet under Directive 90/388/EEC(2) concerning competition on the markets for telecommunications services, as amended. This Directive defines voice telephony. Accordi...

Published On: Jul 2nd 2002 Decision

The MCA directs telecommunications operators to implement Cost Based Accounting Systems.

Published On: Jun 28th 2002 Guidelines

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection is a non-profit organisation dedicated to research in the EMF field. The ICNIRP is the leading authority on EMF health issues: the ICNIRP website [1]defines it as "a body of independent scientific experts consisting of a main Commission of 14 member...

Published On: Jun 3rd 2002 Consultation

The purpose of price control is to promote the interests of users of telecommunications services in terms of quality, choice and value for money in the absence of effective competition in the market.  ...

Published On: Mar 27th 2002 Consultation

Proposing a new approach to the determination of Universal Service Obligations. One of the MCA's functions is to determine which operator(s) should be designated as providers of Universal Services in the telecomms market. (See USO in Glossary).  ...