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Published On: May 19th 2003 Consultation

This consultation paper serves to outline the initial work programme envisaged by the MCA with regard to the setting up of the regulatory framework for the postal services sector and gather initial feedback from interested parties by 13th June 2003.  ...

Published On: Mar 10th 2003 Guidelines

This paper sets out guidance on the accounting methodologies and treatments to be applied in the preparation of separated accounts for the fixed, mobile and cable telecommunications sectors in Malta.

Published On: Feb 13th 2003 Consultation

The MCA has initiated a consultation process with telecommunications operators regarding administrative procedures on tariff applications. The consultation period will run until 12.00pm on Friday 14th March 2003.  ...

Published On: Jan 29th 2003 Market Review

This paper consists of an overview of the telecommunications market in terms of regulatory developments, market statistics, tariff comparisons and other market developments for the given period.  ...

Published On: Dec 23rd 2002 Decision

Guidelines used to determine the requisite authorisation for service providers wishing to deliver VoIP-type services as of 1st January 2003. The document also contains a summary of the responses to consultation received.

Published On: Nov 5th 2002 Decision

The objective of the decision is to define the level of accounting information to be provided by DMP operators. ...