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Published On: Jul 21st 2004 Consultation

This consultative document outlines a number of possibilities regarding the local introduction of FWA while providinginsight into the market sector itself.  ...

Published On: Jul 12th 2004 Consultation

The document provides an overview of the MCA's proposed short and medium to long-term strategy aimed at addressing the current level of interconnection charges in light of current benchmarks and developments in this regard at EU level.  ...

Published On: Jun 18th 2004 Market Review

The report gives an overview of the trends in local mobile services, fixed telephony, Internet and cable television markets. The report features new sections that highlight the contribution of the communications industry to the economy.  ...

Published On: May 18th 2004 Consultation

Strategy Document published for consultation to complement National Broadband Strategy  ...

Published On: May 5th 2004 Decision

Report on Consultation and Decision - May 2004.

Published On: Apr 1st 2004 Decision

In July 2002 the Malta Communications Authority (“MCA”) published its Report on Consultation and Decision regarding the implementation by DMP operators of cost-based accounting systems within their operating environments.