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Published On: Nov 4th 2011 News

In the ever-changing domain of business, companies worldwide are making every effort to achieve a balance between digital media (which represents a fresher, more contemporary approach to marketing) and offline marketing channels to appease long-standing clients. Such a tight-rope, particularly in a scenario where one needs to appeal to a local landscape, might seem particularly difficult to straddle.

Published On: Nov 4th 2011 News

The purpose of this document is the articulation of the Government’s forward strategy with respect to the granting of access rights to scarce radio spectrum for the purpose of Terrestrial Digital Audio Broadcasting (T-DAB), as well as the process that the MCA intends to adopt for the assignment of T-DAB radio spe...

Published On: Oct 11th 2011 News

The MCA has today published a decision regarding the manner in which any changes to the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts for the provision of internet, TV, mobile and fixed telephony services are to be implemented by service providers and the legal rights of subscribers throughout such a process.

Published On: Sep 22nd 2011 News

In the year 2000, the parliament of Malta decided that we should adopt the ICNIRP guidelines, which are the standards being used by many countries in Europe and around the world. You can read more about these guidelines and what is ICNIRP by clicking here:

Published On: Sep 20th 2011 News

We are publishing the results obtained from our audits online on our website [1]. The results are sorted out geographically by locality and the results displayed in a colour-coded grid to be easily understood by everyone. At a glance you can immediately tell whether antennae instal...

Published On: Sep 14th 2011 News

MaltaPost p.l.c. informs the public that the Sub Post Offices listed in the attached document will be closed for business on Wednesday 14th September from 13.00 onwards due to upgrade works on its Retail system. Normal service will resume on Thursday 15th September 2011. MaltaPost apologizes for any inconvenience. ...