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Published On: Apr 1st 2020 Mobile Services

The MCA is hereby publishing the mobile telephony survey findings gauging consumer perceptions of mobile telephony services offered in Malta. The relevant survey was carried out in 2019, in an environment that was completely different to that we are experiencing at the moment. The relevant survey highlights on many areas where the sector works in the best interests of consumers, particularly when it comes to the quality of service and measures to address complaints by the end user. The MCA acknowledges that the current situation may be a testing period for the sector’s providers in this respect, particularly as it adapts to the different needs and requirements that are emerging with a large population working from home and schools closed. It therefore commends any measures that are taken by service providers to support customers and to ensure that the overall positive results observed in normal times are maintained.

Published On: Mar 17th 2020 End User Half Yearly Report

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has published its report on the complaints and enquiries received during the last six months of 2019. This report provides an analysis of the complaints received by the Authority during this period.

Published On: Mar 2nd 2020 Market Review

The MCA is hereby publishing the Communications Market Review for the period January to June 2019.

Published On: Nov 29th 2019 Broadband Internet

.... *A brief overview of findings for a perception survey* .. */Fieldwork carried out in June to July 2019/* *Main survey findings* The MCA is hereby publishing the findings of a survey gauging consumer perceptions of fixed broadband services offered in Malta. Survey findings shed light on the level of satisfacti...

Published On: Nov 19th 2019 Small Business

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is today publishing the results of its latest business perception survey. The survey was carried out using a sample of 390 respondents which is representative of the Maltese business community (i.e. composed mainly of microenterprises engaging between 1-9 employees). All interviews were carried out between January and February 2019 over the telephone with the person responsible for handling the mail of each respective organisation. The random sampling procedure was used for the choice of respondents.