Published On: Aug 16th 2013 Consultation

The MCA has today published a consultation document on the newly developed bottom-up cost model for mobile networks and the resulting mobile termination rate.

Published On: Jul 9th 2013 Consultation

The MCA is today publishing, for national consultation, its proposed decision on the market definition of the postal sector in Malta and the consequent proposed conclusions of the market review of the letter mail markets.

Published On: Jul 8th 2013 Consultation

The MCA is today publishing a consultation document concerning the provision of voice call termination on individual mobile networks in Malta.

Published On: Jun 6th 2013 Consultation

The MCA is inviting interested parties to submit their feedback in response to the MCA's proposed decision with regard to itemised billing.

Published On: Apr 26th 2013 Consultation

The MCA is reviewing its 2012 must-carry must carry determination, as a result of the addition of a seventh must carry channel, as well as substantial subscriber migration from the analogue cable platform.

Published On: Feb 19th 2013 Consultation

The MCA is today publishing a public consultation on the Pricing of Leased Lines and Ethernet Connections. The consultation period will run until close of business of 10 April 2013.