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Published On: Jul 8th 2016 Consultation

The assignment of the 1.5 GHz band for wireless broadband use allows the enhancement of downlink capability for mobile broadband systems and could be a strategic tool to tackle the growing mobile data traffic asymmetry driven by increased multimedia usage. Such a band has a huge innovative potential for new service...

Published On: Jul 5th 2016 Consultation

The MCA is consulting on the annual QoS standards to be achieved by MaltaPost for the Universal Postal Service as from 1st October 2016.   The consultation will run from *5th July* until *8th August 2016*, during which time the MCA welcomes submissions on any of the issues raised in the consultation. ...

Published On: Jul 4th 2016 Consultation

At present must-carry obligations apply only to Melita’s digital cable TV network. Must-carry obligations on Melita’s analogue cable TV network were removed following a review in 2013. A significant development has been observed since the review in 2013, namely a substantial increase in GO’s fixed line Intern...

Published On: Feb 3rd 2016 Consultation

The MCA is publishing the proposed decision on the Source of funding for the net cost incurred to provide USO during 2012.

Published On: Jan 4th 2016 Consultation

This consultation document sets out the MCA’s views on proposed changes to the current administrative charges and number usage fee structures found in the Eighth Schedule of the Electronic Communications Networks and Services (General) Regulations, SL399.28 of the Laws of Malta.   *The consultation period will ru...

Published On: Nov 16th 2015 Consultation

The purpose of this consultation process is to propose linguistic clarifications to the Decision on Wholesale Access to Data for the Provision of Publicly Available Directory Information Services (MCA/D/15-2245)