Published On: Oct 30th 2015 Consultation

Proposed Decision on the review of GO plc's application for funding of the net cost claimed to have been incurred to provide USOs during 2012.

Published On: Oct 9th 2015 Consultation

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Competitiveness and Economic Growth together with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure are proposing amendments of the Utilities and Services (Regulation of Certain Works) Act (Chapter 81 of the Laws of Malta). Other laws being amended albeit to a significantly lesser exte...

Published On: Sep 17th 2015 Consultation

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has today published a consultation proposing measures that would enable end-users who are subscribed to an electronic communications service/s, to have access to their bills in a medium that they can access.

Published On: Sep 1st 2015 Consultation

The MCA is hereby presenting, for national consultation, its proposed decision on the markets for wholesale fixed termination.

Published On: Apr 15th 2015 Consultation

By virtue of the SMP status found on GO plc (hereafter ‘GO’) in the Wholesale Infrastructure Access Market (Market 4), the MCA is hereby putting for public consultation the Reference Offer that GO is obliged to implement in order to provide virtual access to its Fibre-to-the-Home (hereafter ‘FTTH’) network....

Published On: Jan 9th 2015 Consultation

The MCA is today publishing for consultation a proposed decision titled "Broadband QoS Framework - Data Formatting". This paper therefore puts forward a proposal intended to harmonise how QoS data is presented by ISPs to their end-users.