Published On: Oct 9th 2012 Consultation

The MCA has today published a public consultation on a new Bottom-Up cost model and proposed fixed termination and origination rates as calculated from the model.

Published On: Oct 8th 2012 Consultation

This consultation and proposed decision take into account the main factors considered by the MCA in the development of a proposed price control mechanism for MaltaPost plc and the Authority’s position on the tariff revisions requested by MaltaPost.

Published On: Sep 12th 2012 Consultation

Today the MCA is publishing the Consultation and Proposed Decision on Estimating the Cost of Capital. The consultation period runs till 12:00hrs on 12 October 2012.

Published On: Sep 4th 2012 Consultation

In July 2012, the MCA published a Decision on “Subscriber Contracts” which specifies the manner by which any undertaking providing any electronic communications service/s is required to conclude agreements with end-users and the information to be included in such contracts.

Published On: Aug 10th 2012 Consultation

This consultation document seeks the view from interested parties on the authorisation regime to be used in a fully liberalised market.

Published On: Aug 1st 2012 Consultation

This consultation document seeks the views from interested parties on the proposed framework for the regulation of the postal sector in a fully liberalised market.  The consultation period will run from the 1st of August 2012 till the 18th of September 2012. ...