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Published On: Feb 2nd 2010 Decision

This decision specifies processes and timeframes for applications of new numbering resources and for applications of number blocks in ranges previously allocated to the same applicant. It also lists the general responsibilities for all the parties. ...

Published On: Jan 18th 2010 Decision

This decision provides the findings of the market analysis together with the responses to consultation on the wholesale fixed call origination servcies market. ...

Published On: Dec 1st 2009 Decision

Through this Decision Notice the MCA is introducing a set of minimum standards setting out the duties and obligations of licensed postal operators relating to managing common operational issues in a multi-operator environment.

Published On: Nov 16th 2009 Decision

This decision [1] follows the market analysis of the Wholesale voice call termination on individual mobile networks. [1] ...

Published On: Jul 20th 2009 Decision

The objective of this decision is to update the 2002 Decision on Accounting Separation following the experience gained by the MCA from subsequent interactions with Significant Market Power (SMP) operators in the Electronic communications Sector. ...

Published On: Mar 25th 2009 Decision

The MCA is hereby presenting its decision on the markets for retail public telephone services provided at a fixed location (the retail calls markets), in accordance with the EU regulatory framework of electronic communications networks and services.