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Published On: Jun 16th 2010 Decision

This response [1] to consultation and decision which follows a public consultation issued in November 2009, is mandating a series of decisions aimed at improving GO's Reference Unbundling Offer.   [2] [1] [2]

Published On: May 25th 2010 Decision

This document [1] outlines the assignment methodology that will be adopted in respect of Test and Trial Licences (MCA/10/27). This follows a public consultation process that was initiated in August 2009.   The Authority would also like to inform authorised undertakings and the general public, that the fee for the g...

Published On: May 17th 2010 Decision

This decision [1] follows the market analysis of the wholesale call termination on individual public telephone networks provided at a fixed location in Malta.   Based on the evidence available, five wholesale call termination markets have been identified, and five operators have been designated with Significant Ma...

Published On: May 17th 2010 Decision

This decision [1] provides an overview of the short to medium term Interconnection Strategy, for the local Electronic Communications sector, aimed at addressing the current level of wholesale interconnection charges.  [1] ...

Published On: May 7th 2010 Decision

The MCA published a set of guidelines to assist undertakings in the implementation of Email Mobility services.

Published On: Apr 15th 2010 Decision

Following a comprehensive analysis of the current universal service regime, and the outcome derived from a consultation published in May 2009, this decision re-establishes the individual universal service obligations and their respective designations