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Published On: May 24th 2017 Decision

The MCA is hereby publishing the Decision document which established the assignment and management process for the 1.5GHz band.

Published On: Feb 23rd 2017 Decision

The MCA published a decision on the Source of Funding for the net cost incurred in providing universal service obligations during 2013.

Published On: Feb 13th 2017 Decision

Review of the framework for the grant of right of use of radio spectrum for test and trial purposes.

Published On: Jan 23rd 2017 Decision

The MCA Final Decision on the markets for the provision of high-quality access and connectivity services provided at a fixed location in Malta.

Published On: Jan 17th 2017 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is hereby imposing must-carry obligations on GO Plc’s Fixed Line Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) network with respect to the carriage of all General Interest TV channels.

Published On: Dec 9th 2016 Decision

The MCA is publishing its decision on GO plc’s application for funding of the net cost it incurred during 2013 in providing universal service obligations.