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Published On: May 12th 2015 Decision

The MCA is publishing its decision on Universal Service Obligations on Electronic Communication Services including fixed telephone line, directory enquiry services and directories, public payphones, measures for disabled users and control of expenditure.

Published On: Apr 22nd 2015 Decision

The MCA is publishing a decisioin on the collation and sharing of personal subscriber data for the purposes of providing telephone directory information services.

Published On: Apr 8th 2015 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is hereby presenting its final decision on the markets for retail access to the public telephone network provided at a fixed location in Malta.

Published On: Apr 2nd 2015 Decision

Following a public consultation, the MCA is publishing this decision whereby the Government shall be financing the net costs incurred by GO plc to provide universal service obligations during 2010.

Published On: Apr 2nd 2015 Decision

The MCA has issued a decision whereby it is adopting a forecasting methodology to analyse the gross revenue of DHL Malta with regard to the postal services provided by this company within the scope of the universal service.

Published On: Jan 27th 2015 Decision

The MCA is publishing a non-confidential version of a decision dated 19th November 2014 it took following a complaint by Melita plc alleging a breach by GO plc of the MCA’s regulatory decision entitled “Pricing of Leased Lines and Ethernet Connections – response to consultation and decision” [which latter decision was issued by the MCA on 8th August 2013.