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Published On: Dec 24th 2012 Decision

In order to ensure a smooth transition to a fully liberalised and competitive market environment, this decision designates MaltaPost as having significant market power in a number of postal services markets.

Published On: Dec 21st 2012 Decision

This decision follows a public consultation issued on 9 October 2012 for which three operators responded. This Decision summaries the feedback from the respondents as well as the MCA’s position and Decision.

Published On: Dec 12th 2012 Decision

The MCA is today publishing its final decision on the definition, assessment of competition and regulation of leased line markets in Malta.

Published On: Nov 20th 2012 Decision

The MCA has today published a decision on estimating the Cost of Capital for the fixed and mobile markets.

Published On: Nov 8th 2012 Decision

This document details the main factors considered by the MCA to set a proposed price control mechanism for MaltaPost plc and the Authority’s position on the tariff revisions requested by MaltaPost.