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Published On: Dec 30th 2013 Decision

On the 16th September 2013, the MCA published a consultation paper titled A Postal Authorisation Fee Structure for a Fully Liberalised Market Environment.

Published On: Dec 24th 2013 Decision

This document contains the MCA’s decision on its proposed new price control framework. This document features also the Authority’s final position on the tariffs revision that were requested by Maltapost.

Published On: Oct 30th 2013 Decision

The MCA is hereby presenting its final decision on the market definition of the postal sector in Malta and the consequent conclusions of the market review of the letter mail markets.

Published On: Aug 30th 2013 Decision

By virtue of this decision the MCA is removing the Must-Carry obligation with respect to all General Interest (GI) stations from the Cable TV analogue tier.

Published On: Aug 8th 2013 Decision

This decision outlines the new prices for wholesale trunk and terminating segments of leased lines as well as ethernet connections.

Published On: Mar 6th 2013 Decision

The MCA is today publishing two decisions related to the market review of wholesale broadband markets.