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Published On: Aug 30th 2013 Decision

By virtue of this decision the MCA is removing the Must-Carry obligation with respect to all General Interest (GI) stations from the Cable TV analogue tier.

Published On: Aug 8th 2013 Decision

This decision outlines the new prices for wholesale trunk and terminating segments of leased lines as well as ethernet connections.

Published On: Mar 6th 2013 Decision

The MCA is today publishing two decisions related to the market review of wholesale broadband markets.

Published On: Feb 1st 2013 Decision

Following the consultation process undertaken during 2012, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has today published a Decision Notice regarding a Quality of Service Framework for Broadband Internet.

Published On: Dec 24th 2012 Decision

In order to ensure a smooth transition to a fully liberalised and competitive market environment, this decision designates MaltaPost as having significant market power in a number of postal services markets.

Published On: Dec 21st 2012 Decision

This decision follows a public consultation issued on 9 October 2012 for which three operators responded. This Decision summaries the feedback from the respondents as well as the MCA’s position and Decision.