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Published On: Apr 8th 2015 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is hereby presenting its final decision on the markets for retail access to the public telephone network provided at a fixed location in Malta.

Published On: Apr 2nd 2015 Decision

Following a public consultation, the MCA is publishing this decision whereby the Government shall be financing the net costs incurred by GO plc to provide universal service obligations during 2010.

Published On: Apr 2nd 2015 Decision

The MCA has issued a decision whereby it is adopting a forecasting methodology to analyse the gross revenue of DHL Malta with regard to the postal services provided by this company within the scope of the universal service.

Published On: Jan 27th 2015 Decision

The MCA is publishing a non-confidential version of a decision dated 19th November 2014 it took following a complaint by Melita plc alleging a breach by GO plc of the MCA’s regulatory decision entitled “Pricing of Leased Lines and Ethernet Connections – response to consultation and decision” [which latter decision was issued by the MCA on 8th August 2013.

Published On: Jan 14th 2015 Decision

On 7 January 2015, the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) imposed a daily fine of EUR 20 on a provider of electronic communications services after failing to provide certain quarterly statistics in line with its requirements.

Published On: Dec 12th 2014 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) today imposed an administrative fine of €10,000 on Melita.