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Published On: Nov 14th 2016 Decision

The MCA has published the final decision extending the scope of the Broadband QoS Framework.

Published On: Jul 12th 2016 Decision

Melita filed a complaint alleged breach by Vodafone of MCA's decision on Broadband QOS Framework Decision Notice of 1 February 2013 and of certain provisions of SL 399.28. The MCA decided that VFM is not breach of the decision or of the legal provisions.

Published On: Jul 1st 2016 Decision

Review of the Administrative Charges and Number Usage Fees Structures - Response to Consultation

Published On: Apr 6th 2016 Decision

This document consolidates the MCA's Decisions on the Directory Information Services of 22 April 2015 and 24 February 2016.

Published On: Mar 30th 2016 Decision

The MCA has published its final decision introducing new measures regarding the accessibility of bills for the provision of internet, TV, fixed and mobile services.