Published On: Oct 11th 2011 Decision

The MCA has today published a decision regarding the manner in which any changes to the terms and conditions of subscriber contracts for the provision of internet, TV, mobile and fixed telephony services are to be implemented by service providers and the legal rights of subscribers throughout such a process.

Published On: Aug 30th 2011 Decision

The MCA is today publishing the response to consultation and decision (MCA/D/11-0496) on the new wholesale mobile termination rate which will be applicable as from 1st September 2011. ...

Published On: Jul 22nd 2011 Decision

The MCA today published a decision approving an increase of 1 euro cent on single piece domestic mail up to 50 grams, as well as adjustments in the price of foreign outbound parcels to certain countries. Other requests made by MaltaPost regarding the price for registration of mail, for higher weight-steps of domestic mail (more than 50 grams) and for bulk mail, were not approved but will be considered within a future price control mechanism.

Published On: Jun 22nd 2011 Decision

This document provides the MCA’s formal decision with regard to the requirements to be complied with by the USP (GO Plc) for access at a fixed location, in relation to the provision of a connection capable of supporting functional Internet access at a specified minimum broadband data rate. The effective date of this decision is 1st August 2011.

Published On: May 3rd 2011 Decision

The purpose of this document is to: a) Outline the MCA’s envisaged approach to regulating Next Generation Access Networks (NGANs). b) Provide some definitional boundaries to the subject matter. c) Identify the key task

Published On: May 2nd 2011 Decision

This document outlines a summary of the responses received from SMP operators in relation to the WACC calculation and the MCA's approach and decision.