Published On: Jul 13th 2005 Consultation

This paper examines the various issues that are relevant to a transition from a historic cost base to a current cost base for regulatory accounting purposes. Consultation closes at 12.00pm on Monday 31st October 2005.  ...

Published On: Jul 4th 2005 Consultation

Identification and Analysis of markets, determination of market power and setting of SMP conditions.  ...

Published On: Jun 10th 2005 Decision

The scope of the document is to seek the view of intrested parties and service providers regarding the publication of periodical reports enabling the public to assess the performance of authorised service providers

Published On: Jun 10th 2005 Consultation

This consultation paper aims to increase awareness of Internet Protocol version 6, IPv6, in Malta. It proposes the setting up a test-bed to which interested undertakings can connect in order to commence testing IPv6.  Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) is the mechanism through which most computers communicate and ...

Published On: Jun 8th 2005 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority publishes its Decision [1] on the Quality of Service requirements incumbent on Maltapost plc. [1] ...

Published On: Mar 31st 2005 Decision

This Decision follows the Consultation paper that was issued in October 2003 with regards to the Introduction of Number Portability in Malta.