Published On: May 3rd 2007 Guidelines

This document provides the response submitted by the European Commission on the results of the market review for the Wholesale Unbundled Access to the local loop market.  ...

Published On: May 2nd 2007 Strategic Plan

This Update validates the strategic direction set out in preceding years and incorporates any new developments within the sectors that the MCA regulates, in light of their impact on the Maltese regulatory environment.

Published On: May 2nd 2007 Annual Plan

The document represents the MCA's Annual Plan for 2007. It sets out the overall approach to regulation, the business priorities and work programme for 2007, and how the MCA’s effectiveness will be measured and evaluated.

Published On: Apr 25th 2007 Decision

This report summarises the responses elicited during the national consultation period, the MCA's replies and the final decision adopted by the Authority. View Consultation Document [1] View Decision Document [2] [1]

Published On: Apr 19th 2007 Consultation

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on a proposed framework for the selection and authorisation of operators to provide mobile satellite services (MSS) across Europe.  The consultation, which opened on 30 March, will close on 30 May 2007, until when interested parties can send their comments...

Published On: Apr 9th 2007 Consultation

Providing for concurrent Ex Post Powers Consultation Paper 5th April 2007  The Minister for Communications & Competitiveness is launching a Consultation on the merits of extending the jurisdiction of the Malta Communications Authority on matters relating to competition falling under Competition Law.  ...