Published On: Apr 12th 2006 Annual Plan

The document represents the MCA's Annual Plan for 2006. It sets out the overall approach to regulation, the business priorities and work programme for 2006, and how the MCA’s effectiveness will be measured and evaluated.

Published On: Mar 24th 2006 Decision

This document specifies charging for numbering portability.

Published On: Feb 21st 2006 Consultation

The European Commission believes that consumers continue to pay unreasonably high prices for using their mobile phone abroad.  This is reducing cross-border use of mobile phones and presents an obstacle to the European market for electronic communications, so the Commission has started work on an EU regulation on ...

Published On: Feb 16th 2006 Consultation

This consultation document [1] seeks the views of all interested parties with regard to the minimum standards to be achieved for the protection of the integrity of mail by postal operators.  [1] ...

Published On: Feb 3rd 2006 Decision

Identification and Analysis of markets, determination of market power and setting of remedies.  [1]   [1] ...

Published On: Jan 27th 2006 Consultation

MCA is today publishing the market review report re: "'Wholesale Access & Call Origination on Mobile Networks' ". The report analyses the market in question and identifies market players that have Significant Market Power in this particular market.  The MCA is today publishing the market review report regarding "'...