Published On: Nov 30th 2009 Consultation

This consultation [1] and proposed decision [2] provides an overview of the MCA's proposed short to medium term Interconnection Strategy aimed at addressing the current level of wholesale interconnection charges.  The consultation document also makes reference to the recent Recommendation on the Regulatory Treatme...

Published On: Nov 16th 2009 Decision

This decision [1] follows the market analysis of the Wholesale voice call termination on individual mobile networks. [1] ...

Published On: Nov 12th 2009 Consultation

This Consultation document is proposing a number of amendments to GO's Reference Unbundling Offer. Annexes to the above mentioned Consultation & Proposed Decision

Published On: Nov 12th 2009 Consultation

Annexes to the Consultation and Proposed decision that suggests a number of amendments to GO's Reference Unbundling Offer.  ...

Published On: Oct 23rd 2009 Consultation

Whilst most of the content of the previous conventions have been retained, this consultation is also proposing a comprehensive number application process. ...

Published On: Sep 7th 2009 Individuals Internet and Ecommerce Usage Study

The MCA carried out its sixth eCommerce survey with the aim of obtaining an indication of the level of internet and eCommerce usage accross the Maltese islands and to gauge the sector's potential for growth.