Published On: Nov 4th 2019 Monthly Pricing Developments

The MCA is committed to monitor developments in the electronic communication markets and inform the general public on the main changes that are taking place.

Published On: Nov 1st 2019 Recruitment

*Position Title:          Technical Specialist* *Organisation:           Malta Communications Authority* *Prime Focus of Position * The Technical Specialist will participate in, and contribute to the implementation of various projects and on-going activities related to the regulation of electronic comm...

Published On: Nov 1st 2019 Recruitment

*Position Title:                   Financial Analyst (Economic)* *Organisation:                   Malta Communications Authority* *Group:                               Operations* *Reporting to:                   Chief of Operations; Manager, Market Modelling* *Prime F...

Published On: Nov 1st 2019 Recruitment

*Position Title:          Market Analyst * *Section:                    Policy and Planning * *Reporting to:           Manager, Market Review * *Position deliverables * * Define and assess electronic communications and postal markets, taking utmost account of EU Commission Guidelines an...

Published On: Nov 1st 2019 Recruitment

The MCA attracts highly qualified and committed professionals who operate in a fast-moving team- based environment with a culture of delivery. If you like getting things done and want to push your intellectual, academic and professional talents to the limit and participate in leading-edge telecommunications and tec...

Published On: Oct 30th 2019 Data Report Sheet

The MCA is hereby updating its series of Data Report Sheet ('DRS') publications with a report covering the period Q1 2015 to Q2 2019.