Published On: Jan 6th 2023 Consultation

The MCA is hereby publishing for consultation a number of proposals to establish a security framework applicable to the electronic communications network and services in Malta.

Published On: Dec 23rd 2022 Decision

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) is hereby publishing its decision concerning the definition and competitive assessment of the wholesale market concerning the provision of dedicated capacity in Malta.

Published On: Dec 23rd 2022 Monthly Pricing Developments

The MCA is hereby publishing a short presentation highlighting on the main product and price developments for electronic communications for July to Sept 2022.

Published On: Dec 22nd 2022 News

Some news Highlights from the Global Telecommunications and Postal Industries, as well as topical items and trends in Information and Communications Technology.

Published On: Dec 21st 2022 News

A quick view of the MCA's monthly highlights and activities.

Published On: Dec 15th 2022 Business Perception

MCA publishes more results of a business perception survey regarding telecom services in Malta.