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Published On: Mar 25th 2010 Guidelines

These guidelines have been drawn up to provide MCA with a set procedure related to the timelines and sanctions concerning the quarterly statistical data collection.

Published On: Apr 23rd 2009 Guidelines

This document contains a summary of the responses received from SMP operators in relation to the WACC calculation and the MCA's approach and decision.  ...

Published On: Feb 16th 2009 Guidelines

The MCA has today published a notice for consultation regarding the future of spectrum in the 900 and 1800MHz bands. The 900 and 1800 MHz bands have a significant economic potential. The upcoming expiry of the existing licences in these bands calls for a detailed analysis of the existing licensing framework and the...

Published On: Apr 18th 2008 Guidelines

The MCA today published the Regulatory Guidelines for Mobile Virtual Network Operators, Enhanced Service Providers, Service Providers and Mobile Virtual Network Enablers.

Published On: Dec 12th 2007 Guidelines

The MCA would like to inform the general public on the following: Post-1997 LM only Postage Stamps will no longer be valid for prepayment of postage MCA would like to draw the attention of the public to Government Notice 1000 of 2007 whereby postage stamps with LM denomination will as from the 1st February 2008 no...

Published On: Aug 16th 2007 Guidelines

List of service providers authorised to provide postal services outside the scope of the universal services. ...