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Published On: Oct 8th 2019 Consultation

Implementing Article 113 of the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) with regard to the interoperability of car radio receivers

Published On: Aug 30th 2019 Consultation

Consultation on proposed modifications to rights of use of radio spectrum in the terrestrial 2 GHz frequency band

Published On: Jun 6th 2019 Consultation

The MCA is today publishing a proposed decision for consultation on the source of funding for the net cost incurred by GO plc for providing universal services during 2015. The consultation period shall run from 6th June until 27th June 2019.

Published On: May 31st 2019 Consultation

This study and the related survey summarises information concerning uses and applications which identify 5G as an enabler and is intended to further stimulate the discussion towards a feasible 5G deployment.

Published On: Apr 23rd 2019 Consultation

The Malta Communications Authority is today publishing a consultation on its review of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital.