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Published On: Sep 29th 2022 Consultation

The MCA is hereby initiating a consultation exercise on its market analysis concerning the provision of wholesale dedicated capacity in Malta.

Published On: Jul 5th 2022 Consultation

The MCA has initiated the process towards formulating the framework for the reassignment of radio spectrum in the paired 2 GHz band and is hereby seeking the views of interested stakeholders on the proposals put forward in the relevant consultation paper.

Published On: Jun 24th 2022 Consultation

The Universal Service Obligations of the electronic communication services are being redefined in a consultation document following the transposition of the European Electronic Communications Code under national law.

Published On: Jun 14th 2022 Consultation

The Malta Communications Authority is today publishing a consultation on revisions to postal tariffs proposed by MaltaPost plc. The Consultation period shall run from 14 June 2022 to 24 June 2022.

Published On: Feb 21st 2022 Consultation

The proposals included in MCA’s consultation cover various subject matters including ‘contracts’, ‘transparency’ and ‘termination of service/s’ and are intended to enhance end-user protection within the industry.