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Published On: Feb 3rd 2016 Consultation

The MCA is publishing the proposed decision on the Source of funding for the net cost incurred to provide USO during 2012.

Published On: Jan 4th 2016 Consultation

This consultation document sets out the MCA’s views on proposed changes to the current administrative charges and number usage fee structures found in the Eighth Schedule of the Electronic Communications Networks and Services (General) Regulations, SL399.28 of the Laws of Malta.   *The consultation period will ru...

Published On: Nov 16th 2015 Consultation

The purpose of this consultation process is to propose linguistic clarifications to the Decision on Wholesale Access to Data for the Provision of Publicly Available Directory Information Services (MCA/D/15-2245)

Published On: Nov 13th 2015 Consultation

The MCA is hereby presenting, for national consultation, its proposed decision on the market for wholesale call origination on the public telephone network provided at a fixed location in Malta.

Published On: Oct 30th 2015 Consultation

Proposed Decision on the review of GO plc's application for funding of the net cost claimed to have been incurred to provide USOs during 2012.

Published On: Oct 9th 2015 Consultation

The Parliamentary Secretariat for Competitiveness and Economic Growth together with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure are proposing amendments of the Utilities and Services (Regulation of Certain Works) Act (Chapter 81 of the Laws of Malta). Other laws being amended albeit to a significantly lesser exte...